Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Blaine Festival in Aquatore Park

On Sunday, I was scheduled to offer a Zentangle demonstration and workshop at the Blaine Festival in Aquatore Park. It was about 59 degrees and cloudy, and the demo was to be given in an open shelter area. The plan was for me to set up all of my usual equipment -- screen, projector, computer, document camera -- and as I drove there with my gear, common sense told me that turnout would be low, and it was indeed: one person came! Fortunately, I love drawing and teaching Zentangle, so I wasn't fazed -- a little disappointed, maybe, but not deeply. Things around Zentangle and other things I do from love tend to work out perfectly well in the ways they are meant to. I'm guided by that heart logic when it comes to drawing, and I have a pretty good time. :)

Mary and I had a blast in the damp chilly weather exploring the mysteries of Zentangle. She was new to the process, so we started with the basics: Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Printemps, Tipple, Static, and a surprise appearance by Marasu. Marasu was not on my mental list of tangles to teach, but Mary had drawn a sort of spiral as her string, so Marasu seemed a natural choice for the final tangle. I showed it to her, and here's the funny thing: she drew a small Marasu inside of the spiral -- like a baby Marasu. When she showed me what she'd done, I thought, well that's cool -- Marasu inside of Marasu -- never thought of that before. I regret not taking a picture of her tile -- it was quite lovely. Mary, if you visit my blog and read this post, could you send me a picture of your tile? My email address is listed on the Teaching Schedule page on this blog, at the bottom.

The tile I have posted here is what I drew during the demo, colored in with copic markers after the fact.