Friday, May 5, 2017

A Card For Rachel

Today is my niece's 22nd birthday. Since my mandala phase is still in full swing, Rachel is receiving a mandala card this year. (Click here for a picture of Rachel in an earlier post.)

This looks more like a native American ceremonial emblem of some kind than a birthday card, but such surprises happen when you begin a drawing with no particular direction in mind. The center of the mandala did not work out as planned, so I colored it with a coat of bronze metallic ink. After that, I tried drawing over that with the leaf design and voila! -- yet another "mistake" that turned into a learning experience (hence the Zentangle motto "There are no mistakes"). I will use the black-on-bronze technique again for sure.

I sent her the card in this petal-sided envelope. (We have an amazing stationery store, Paper Source, right in our neighborhood, which is marvelously convenient and great fun.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear!  I'm glad you were born. :) I hope your day is wonderful from start to finish.