Friday, April 28, 2017

Two more mandalas

I am still exploring possibilities with creating mandalas using magazine pictures, colors, and Zentangle. This one uses the same technique as shown in the previous post, but the background color, images, and border are different. I created the red circles using a paper puncher on red magazine print areas. (It's a hand tool that punches one hole at a time in the same way that 3-hole-punchers do to make pages that will fit in a 3-ring binder.) I've had this idea for a long time (to use punched out circles to create or enhance an image) and have finally, actually MADE something based on this vision.

(Do you ever sit on a small idea like that? What gets in the way?)

Here's a second experiment that's a prototype for another, larger, and better mandala I'd like to make. The ideas present in this mandala are more exciting to me than the mandala itself. The writing in the center comes from a scan of one of my innumerable journal pages. For the border, I put in some Huggins (see Ludmila Blum's video instruction below). I like Huggins and draw it quite a bit but have never used it for a border.  I learned that if you want to use it this way, it's better to plan to make sure that you have an even number of circles (the little pegs that you hook the curved lines onto) to avoid skewing the pattern. 

Please enjoy this excellent instructional video. Thanks again, Ludmila!