Wednesday, February 22, 2017

OLLI Winter Session, Meetings 3

Where does the time go? Our group has met two more times since my last post, on February 10th and 17th. Our mosaic from the 10th shows the tangles we practiced: Bales, Maelstrom, Puf, and Fife. The group learned Bales in meeting 2. I reintroduced it in meeting 3 because I wanted to show participants some interesting ways to work with that basic tangle by using different filler tangles in the center spaces.

In the following video, Ludmila Blum (Bunte Galerie) does her usual excellent job of showing how to draw Bales using the basic square filler shape in the center of the square space:

Long ago, I discovered how nicely Maelstrom works with Bales and have used these tangles together in many tiles. For those unfamiliar with Maelstrom, the following Zenpopper video shows the basic form:

I explained to the class that different versions of Maelstrom appear in Lesson 7, "Reticula and Fragments" in the Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas' book Zentangle Primer, Vol. 1. As Rick and Maria explain, a fragment is any pattern drawn in a small square, triangle, or circle that can be arranged in a reticulum (usually a grid of some kind) to form a larger meta-pattern. In the Zenpopper video, the fragment is drawn each time with upper and lower lines going in the same direction. In contrast, go back and have a look at the lower left tile of the class mosaic above. In the lower right part of that tile, Maelstrom is drawn in such a way that each instance mirrors its neighbor. Arranging the fragments this way creates a kite-like meta-pattern.

Following are two more examples of fragments (in the lower right of each card) arranged in reticula (a grid and spiral, respectively):

The other pattern we practiced was Puf, an extremely cool and interesting pattern that changes completely in the last step. The following video by CZT Melinda Barlow illustrates what we did in session three with Bales and Puf (at approximately 6:00). It also shows several nice variations of Bales:

That's it for now. I'll see what I can do a review post for session 4 tomorrow, or soon.