Sunday, February 5, 2017

OLLI Winter Session, Meeting 2

I met for the second time with the OLLI students at the University of Minnesota. We had a good time exploring the mysteries of Shattuck, and two other patterns, Bales and Jetties. I started drawing the first tile intending to use three or four different tangles in the usual way but decided quickly to do a Shattuck monotangle instead. I've noticed in past classes that Shattuck is a tangle that tends to trip people up a bit, so I wanted to try a different presentation to see if it worked better.

Here's the demo tile I drew showing Shattuck with straight lines, curvy lines, lines drawn close together, and lines drawn farther apart. I also demonstrated how the pattern can be drawn without the bars.

I did a little checking on the Internet to see if there were any tutorials showing the different ways to draw Shattuck. In fact, people do have very different ways of creating this tangle. Here are some links:

Sandy Steen Bartholomew's version
Ludmila Blum's (a.k.a. Bunte Galerie) version
Ellen Wolter's version

And there are others, I'm sure, but the main point is this: there is no one correct way to draw a pattern, except whatever works for you. If you find yourself struggling to draw a pattern you like, don't give up! Try other ways of drawing it. Does the tutorial suggest starting from the top? Try starting from the bottom. Does it show lines drawn close together? Try drawing them with more space between the lines. Does the pattern call for straight lines? Try curving them if that feels more comfortable.

Tangles covered in meeting 2:

  • Shattuck (of course!)
  • Bales
  • Jetties
  • Different ways to draw Shattuck (or any tangle)
  • Shading of Shattuck
  • Putting a sparkle in Shattuck
  • Different ways to decorate Jetties
Looking forward to next week, everyone!