Sunday, January 29, 2017

OLLI Winter Session, Day 1

On Friday, I met with a new group of Zentangle enthusiasts for the 2017 OLLI winter session. What fun we had! Here is the class mosaic:

We almost finished our first tile, but not quite. I gave everyone an overview of the Zentangle method, and that took time that under normal circumstances we would have had for drawing. In our remaining five sessions, we will devote each 1.5 hour meeting to drawing. After the group left, I stayed in the room to finish my tile (above, second from the left, bottom row):

I decided to add more Hollibaugh in the lower left to counterbalance the upper right. Florz (the little black diamonds) has pretty much disappeared into the Printemps (spirals) in the finished tile. I also added Tipple (the little bubbles) to more places in the finished tile, for balance. Finally, I added shading throughout. Shading usually makes quite a difference in the look of the finished tile. I recommend jumping right in with shading from the start to begin getting a feel for how it works best with different patterns. 

I hope everyone who was there on Friday will work a little more on the tiles we started, to finish them as I have done with mine. Bring them to our next session to share!

Overview: The tangles we learned in session 1 were Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Florz, and Tipple. The techniques we practiced and talked about were:
  1. Adding auras (as in Crescent Moon)
  2. Drawing under shapes and patterns to give the appearance of different levels of depth in the picture plane (as in Hollibaugh)
  3. Extending the reach of a pattern into an adjacent pattern to create more flow and connection between the parts of the composition (as between Printemps and Florz)
  4. Connecting peaks to create the appearance of a solid structure (the "tubes" in Crescent Moon)
  5. General shading tips
See you next week!