Sunday, November 6, 2016

Zentangle Workshop with MELP

When I am not creating Zentangle tiles, I teach English for the Minnesota English Language Program at the University of Minnesota. On Friday, in an extra-curricular get-together, I led several curious students through their first Zentangle tile, as shown in the beautiful resulting mosaic above. What an awesome group of artists! I am continually inspired by the unique interpretations of the basic patterns I show participants at Zentangle workshops. Here again is an amazing array of different minds and personalities at work. I give a single set of instructions and show people how to draw patterns by having them watch me create a tile, one pattern at a time. All of these tiles emerged from a single set of instructions! How is that possible? A powerful ingredient in this magic, of course, is the string. It controls the underlying structure of the composition, which is tremendously important in the overall look of the piece.

After we finished our first tile, we did a little more drawing on a bijou tile. I showed everyone how to draw paradox (one of my favorites) and undu, another tangle I really enjoy.

I had a blast, everyone! I hope you did, too, and also hope we can get together again next semester to do more drawing.