Friday, November 11, 2016

Surprising fun

I had a little extra time and energy this evening, so I tried drawing on a pair of sneakers I bought for this purpose several months ago. These pictures are only the first sneaker from different angles, but I plan to follow the same design for the other one.  This was surprisingly fun and easy to do.  I was expecting it to be lots more complicated somehow, and maybe on another night, it might have been, but things worked out with this little project. I might actually wear these.

I started by looking at the eyelets and thinking that some round pattern would work best with their natural design. Naturally Printemps called out to be drawn, and once I started filling in that area, it was clear that the best strategy would be to fill the entire side part on both sides with the same pattern. My next move was to add Jetties to the front part, an easy choice since I wanted to keep the circle motif going. My third choice was to add Ovulation to the heels. I love this pattern and categorize it under roundish patterns, so it came to mind because of that. This is the first time I have added the weights (darker areas at the ends of the lines) and I love the difference those make.  Scrolled Feather (on the side toward the front) is a new pattern for me. Bunte Galerie was a great resource for learning how to draw it. The last part I added were the leaves on the top front. I've used these kinds of forms previously in a few different compositions and always find them easy to control and relaxing to draw.