Thursday, November 10, 2016

Found Object

A couple of weeks ago, I found the black and white image below in my collection of online phone pictures. I barely recalled drawing it and wasn't even sure it was mine for several seconds but then noticed the date, which is clearly my handwriting. Such has been the craziness of these past few months with our move from the north metro suburbs of the Twin Cities to Minneapolis. We're largely settled in now, but there are still a few boxes to unpack. I knew this drawing was in a sketchbook somewhere, but I couldn't remember which one. (For some reason, I have 5-7 journals lying around with Zentangle sketches and drawings. I don't quite understand why I find it hard to stick with one journal, as I do so easily with written journals. This makes it difficult to remember where sketches are.) To make things worse, sketchbooks were scattered among different, unpacked boxes. 

I made a copy and added some color -- a fun experiment. It seems like a good way to study color and I may try it again with another drawing. Apart from what it can show me as a color study, what I like best about this sketch is the movement it shows. Many of my drawings, I have noticed, even those that have a certain energy, lack movement. Not necessarily bad or good -- it's just something I've noticed, and I would like to enlarge the scope of my skills.