Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tripoli Two Ways

Viewing these tiles side by side shows how much a single pattern can vary. Both pieces use Tripoli (the triangles to the right in the tile on the left, and the whole center area in the tile on the right).  The pattern looks very different in each tile because of the different patterns that fill its interior space. Playing with patterns this way is one of the coolest things about this method. A small number of elements can be combined to create such different compositions.

The following mosaic is really the very last picture I took with the OLLI workshop series folks that ended last week. We had so much fun on the last day with Tripoli, Undu, Betweed, Hurry, and Huggins. The colored tile above is shown below as it appeared while I was still working on it (to the right of the tile showing the red Zentangle logo).