Thursday, October 27, 2016

Some recent drawings

This is a page from a sketchbook. Rick and Maria Thomas, the originators of Zentangle, observe that tangles (patterns) are comparable to paint colors that come right out of the tube. Tangles are only a starting point and are meant to be combined and reinterpreted. Easier said than done, but practicing to develop greater flexibility is lots of fun.

This is a bijoux (small 2 x 2) tile. Pretty amazing how much can fit on one of these little guys. The composition is structured by one tangle, Tripoli. Inside that tangle, I have put Paradox in the center part, and Hollibaugh around the edges.

More paradox. It's one of my favorite tangles.

This is kind of a strange tile. Undu is the fingerprint-like tangle to the left created by Daniel Lamothe. It's super fun to draw and comes out quite differently each time I try it. The Poke Leaf is hanging out in a protected, dark bubble. Some nice stuff going on to the lower right of the Poke Leaf. I'd like to experiment with those forms more. They seem to have some subtle movement, which I like a lot. For the rest, Pearls, Golvin, Marasu, and Maryhill in the lower left.