Tuesday, October 25, 2016

OLLI Session 6

Today was my last meeting with the OLLI group. What fun we've had over the past six weeks, and it's hard to believe the class is over! As classes go, this group was a little more easygoing than others, which resulted in not finishing tiles by the end of each session. We worked steadily and learned a lot together, but the timing of each session was not precise, which had more to do with my teaching than with participants' drawing. It was a learning experience for me -- I have always thought it necessary to finish a tile each session, but it works fine to work on tangles and to let tiles get finished at the own pace.

Even though we did not have finished work to show, I asked the group to volunteer tiles for a mosaic at the start of the session today, and then again at the end. Here's the first mosaic:

Lots going on here, and this is so cool because everyone volunteered their favorite tiles. One participant said that the tile she contributed to this mosaic (the one right in the center) is the tile she is most proud of since beginning to draw zentangle. And what an interesting piece of work! It's a borderless tile with Tripoli filling the space as a kind of string, and interior areas showing Printemps and aura-ed lines. Love the roulette wheel in the upper right corner.

Thank you so much, everyone, for a very enjoyable six-week session. I was great fun!