Thursday, October 6, 2016

OLLI, Session 3 and two other sessions with friends

OLLI, Session 3 (Oct 4)

This picture of the class mosaic is again one week behind, but as my son used to say, "It's all good," and truly, it is. The tangles shown above are from what I taught in session two, on September 27: Shattuck, Jetties, and Bales. Other tangles from the first session also made their way into these tiles, e.g. Crescent Moon. The NEW concepts I taught in session 3 were focused on shading. We drew Flukes twice with two different kinds of shading and a third Bijou tile with Cubine. Here are the tiles I drew while leading the class:

Flukes with different shading
Flukes, Cubine, and Tipple

Last Friday (Sept 30), I met with a new friend, Emina, who is interested in learning Zentangle. We drew these two introductory tiles. The diagonal row of diamonds in her Florz is pretty cool.

And finally, a tile pic that has been in the queue for nearly two months. I drew this one with friends Mei-Hen, Mirtha, and Katie at Starbucks on August 16. My favorite part of this one is the triangular shaped Florz to the right that tapers down and ends with wrapped yarn or string.