Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Traveler, there is no path. Paths are made by walking." ~ Antonio Machado

Session 2 with OLLI

I just found this quote in 1,001 Pearls of  Life-Changing Wisdom -- insight on identity, truth, and success and thought immediately of Zentangle. That's exactly how it is when I draw a tile -- the blank paper is like a trackless wilderness at first. Drawing a string makes it a little more manageable, but the path of the Zentangle journey materializes as the drawing continues.

This tile is what I drew today while leading session 2. The mosaic of the other tiles will follow next week, as most participants were not finished drawing or shading their tiles at the end of the session. The tangles used were Shattack, Jetties, Bales, and Hollibaugh. I don't use Jetties much because I usually have the idea that it isn't my style, or that I don't enjoy drawing it. But Jetties is so much fun in this tile, I may be starting to like it a little better. That's how it goes with tangles sometimes -- I need to draw a less favorite tangle several times before it takes root in my imagination.