Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday's Post

I've been working with color again lately. Here's a tile I completed a couple of days ago:

I used copic markers and found that they did not bleed through the tile as much as they have in the past. Has the paper weight of tiles changed, or did I use a lighter touch? Not sure. I might have used a bit of pencil shading to create more depth. Maybe next time, I'll try using a darker shade of gray in the copic markers.

The colored areas around the edges may be some officially named pattern, but I don't know what it is if that is the case. It's a pattern that just comes naturally for me. I really love mosaics and would like to explore tangling that mimics that art form. (Working with actual mosaics would most likely not be my thing, I sense.) The pattern to the left and above my initials is maelstrom, one of my favorites, and an early example of what Rick and Maria now refer to as a fragment -- a modular pattern that forms a larger, meta-pattern when arranged in a grid. For instructions, see Linda Dawson's original design here: