Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fibonacci spiral as a string

We're moving this summer, so life has become extremely busy with packing up, putting the house on the market, and apartment hunting. I meant to post yesterday, but the day got away from me.

Nevertheless, I've been drawing fairly regularly. I'll show a few tiles here and post more tomorrow...or the next day.

Tile 1:

The spirals work well (Printemps in Zentangle language), but the lower half could have been planned just a little more. Sometimes, spontaneity does not carry the day. Even so, the overall design of this tile is what interests me most. I drew it based loosely on a spiral nautilus form, also known as the Fibonacci Spiral or Golden Spiral. Here is what that looks like on the left, and to the right, the same tile rotated to show how its structure follows the spiral form:



I did a quick search on the Fibonacci Spiral and found an interesting webpage for anyone interested. (See link below.) Apparently, another favorite Zentangle pattern, Paradox, is also based on the Fibonacci Ratio in rectangular form. Have a look -- it's quite interesting!

Tile 2:

This is actually nine tiles, pre-strung from Zentangle. I started this a few days before the end of May and finished it (as much as I cared to) around June 1.  I was feeling uninspired and had this pre-strung pack of tiles from way back, purchased a couple of years ago or so. Sometimes it's just nice to cruise along using someone else's organization. It turned out pretty well, though it could probably use more shading. Here are some of the individual tiles from the ensemble:

Golven hugs the left side. It's such a lovely tangle. Flukes,
Tripoli, and Poke Leaf (going clockwise from Golven)
finish it out. I like the way all the tangles come
together in this one. 
Tripoli is my favorite part of this tile.
I am still in love with Ovolution, the sweeping circular
form at the top. So beautiful, yet so easy to draw. 
More soon.