Thursday, June 23, 2016

A post worth re-posting

Moving and lesson planning are taking all the time I have these days. Well, I'm taking it a little easy, too, because it's summer. In a word, I have not done any drawing for a few days, so I want to re-post something I found on a few years ago, an article by Linda Farmer (the originator of the site) about two artists, Justine Ashbee and Simone Bischoff. As Linda explains, Ashbee's art offers fluid and mesmerizing examples of the basic aura technique (+ her own kind of magic). Here are three of her pieces from her website

Muy beautiful, right? 

Enter Simone Bischoff, a German art teacher and artist who illustrates some basic moves anyone can use to explore forms similar to Ashbee's in six lessons. Zentangle artists will appreciate these basic drawing techniques to practice and play with aura. Here is the link to Linda's blog post: