Thursday, May 19, 2016

Working in a larger space

Well, I'm learning more about working larger, little by little. This piece came about in a funny way. A few months ago, I bought a small block of multicolored scrapbooking paper, mostly because the sheets were about the same size as Zentangle tiles and I wanted to experiment with drawing on colored paper. I drew one tile but wasn't too pleased with the look of the pencil shading on the paper. (See below.) After that, I put the book of papers aside, and it got shuffled from table to counter to bookshelves in the kitchen a long while.

Just last week, the book had made its way to the kitchen table again, and as I sat eating, I glanced at the cover and saw for the first time that it had adhesive backing. At first, I didn't understand even as I read it. The paper does not seem to have an adhesive backing at all. As soon as I discovered that yes, in fact it really was adhesive, I cut out several shapes and affixed them to a paper in my journal. From there, I started tangling in and around them. I also added some cut out parts from the original drawing I made on a single sheet of the paper.

This piece has its moments, but I'm not crazy about it as a whole. What is most interesting for me is the idea of using paper cut outs to organize the space. I'm working on another one now that I will post soon.