Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My first opus tile

I have finally moved on to trying my hand at tangling larger areas of paper. I ordered a pack of 10" x 10" Zentangle Opus tiles, which doesn't sound particularly large until you're sitting in front of a blank one. Then it seems very large.

I guess my response to working larger is fairly typical, though not altogether successful, in my view. Having worked for so long using the 3.5" x 3.5" format, I didn't realize how important it is to tangle  large when using a larger piece of paper. The tangles I used are a little bigger, but not quite sufficient to create a balanced-looking composition in this more expansive format.

The first image is the Opus tile in progress, at which point it resembled a strange cross between a bird and seashells. The second image is the finished tile. Each tangle in itself turned out well, but the energies of the tangles I chose do not harmonize well in the composition as a whole. Spontaneity may still be possible for this size, but I recognize the need for planning. Between the two versions, I prefer the earlier, bird-seashell one.