Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Night Tanglin'

We had some friends over for dinner this evening. After dessert, I showed them Zentangle. Here's our mosaic:

I am always delighted and surprised by different people's interpretations of the tangles. Josh's tile (upper left) shows his understanding of shattuck (large area in the upper right of the tile), and it's nicely done! Justine's application of tipple on top of hollibaugh (upper right tile) is new and different, and her florz is amazing! As we drew, she asked, "Can the diamonds get bigger?" (Smile...) I told her that a great thing about Zentangle is that everyone's tile is theirs, and they are completely in charge of the design and all decisions that go into its creation.  Greg has been having fun with the squashed beads (lower left tile, growing out of the spirals) lately and found a way to include them in this tile. He calls them "an interesting creature." My tile features my typical moves for a first tile. I'm warming up to printemps now that I include it in most intro workshops. I like the way the shading around the edges lifts it off the page.