Tuesday, April 12, 2016

OLLI Zentangle workshop, session 3

The focus of today's session was woven patterns. The three I taught were B'Twined, Huggins, and Betweed. As a former weaver, I am fascinated with patterns that depict a woven structure. There are so many of these kinds of patterns that an entire class could easily be devoted to the category alone. Here are instructions for practicing these patterns:

B'Twined You Tube video by Bunte Galerie:

Huggins You Tube by Bunte Galerie:

Betweed You Tube by Maria Thomas:

We started with a small tile (Bijou) of B'Twined. Here is a picture of three Bijous: one of B'Twined from today's workshop (right), one practice drawing of Huggins I did to prepare for today's workshop (middle), and a third tile (of B'Twined again, but a little different) I drew after today's workshop, just to wind down from the day (left):

I did not take a mosaic picture for today's session  -- forgot to put an SD card in my camera :(
Below is the tile I drew while leading the group. I hope this will help those of you who could not attend today:

This is basically at duotangle of Betweed and Huggins (with a bit of Tipple thrown in). I want to say how useful (and beautiful) it can be to draw mono- or duotangles -- tiles that feature just one or two tangles. It's a great way to explore the limits of the chosen tangle, and it's also a wonderful focusing exercise.

Below is a Hollibaugh monotangle:

Looking forward to session 4, everyone!