Wednesday, April 27, 2016

OLLI Session #5 April 26: Hurry, Mysteria, and Paradox 3 Ways

Yesterday, I introduced a set of tangles to everyone that were formally eclectic but actually coherent given our previous four sessions. That is, the tangles don't have much to do with each other, but each one follows from something we've done before.

I decided to introduce Hurry (upper right and lower left in the mosaic below) because it's a relatively simple woven tangle that I neglected to include in Session 3 with B'Twined, Betweed, and Huggins. I told participants to include Hurry in their mental category of woven tangles.

I decided to introduce Mysteria (stones enclosed by blades of grass) because it's a great example of a tangle that shows a clear family resemblance to a couple of other tangles we've practiced, Hollibaugh and 'Nzepple, yet has such a different character from either one. I found the variation of interpretations of Mysteria quite striking.

Paradox (aptly named for its lovely blend of simplicity and challenge) was entirely new and predictably fascinating and fun. Based on experience, I introduce this tangle after people have some confidence in the Zentangle method overall because it requires a bit of focus that some find tiring and frustrating at first. I also introduce its four-sided version to begin, as that seems to make more sense to many people than the three-sided version. If all goes well with those two types of Paradox, I move on to the oval variety as I did yesterday, because this group is awesome! I did not get a picture of our oval paradox mosaic, but many turned out beautifully.

Until next week, folks!