Wednesday, April 6, 2016

More fun with OLLI

Yesterday was the second session of a six-week workshop I am doing for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).  The picture of the mosaic did not turn out as clearly as it might have. I'll need to take more care with the picture taking in the remaining sessions.

As you might be able to tell, we worked on three tangles: Shattuck, Jetties, and Bales. With this group, I am following Rick and Maria's teaching suggestions (for sequencing) in their newest book Zentangle Primer, Volume 1. I'm switching it up a bit according to my style and tastes, but their basic advice is very helpful.

For the Bales part of this tile, I had participants try one of my favorite combinations of tangles, Bales and Maelstrom. I stumbled on this pairing a while ago by accident and have used it many times since. The two tangles go together really well.

Since the class mosaic is not too clear, here is a picture of the tile I drew while leading the class, for reference. Bales + Maelstrom are in the lower right.

Before doing this drawing, I reviewed with everyone the tangles we'd covered the week before, including Crescent Moon.

To show how elements of tangles can recombine to create new designs, I led everyone through a warm-up Bijou drawing of Ixorus. I did not get a mosaic shot of those tiles, but I've posted mine here.

Everyone in this group is doing beautifully! I look forward to teaching them more tangles and techniques, and to taking better pictures of their work!