Thursday, April 21, 2016

Last Introductory Workshop for Synchrony Thai Yoga Studio


This past Sunday was my last workshop with Synchrony Thai Yoga Studio. This group was such fun! Margaret, Julie, Kelly, Megan, Deb, Joanne, Pam, Taylor, Michelle, and Kathy, thanks for a delightful afternoon of creation and conversation.

Founders Michelle and Kathy are attending a CZT workshop in Providence, RI in June, after which time they look forward to facilitating their own Zentangle workshops. Many thanks to both of these lovely people for the opportunity to work with their clients and friends these past few months. It's been tremendous fun and a terrific opportunity to learn how to be a better workshop facilitator.

I couldn't resist adding this picture of a bijou tile of B'Twined we did during the workshop. This is a very structured tangle, and yet, the tiles look quite different. They're all beautiful, but I have a favorite: the first one in the right column. Taylor, is that yours? I love the spin you put on this tangle. It works super well.