Saturday, April 16, 2016

Introductory Workshop and B'Twined

This morning's workshop at Blaine Townsquare (City Hall) went super well.  A last-minute room change actually turned out to be an advantage. The new room had great seating and technology, including a microphone! It was really nice to be able to speak in my usual tone of voice while drawing without feeling concerned about how well the back row was able to hear. We did a typical introductory tile with Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Printemps, Florz, and Tipple:

After the break, we did two Bijou tiles, one with B'Twined and the other with N'zepple.  Here's the mosaic of those:

I am teaching B'Twined in workshops lately because even though it's very easy to draw, it looks complex and beautiful. I find it a great tangle to do when I'm feeling scattered or tired. Little by little, with each pen stroke, its very regular structure puts the world back in focus. I learned how to draw this tangle from a YouTube by Bunte Galerie:

For the second Bijou tile, I decided to show the group N'zepple since I used it around the border of the B'Twined tile. I had everyone divide a Bijou into two parts, and then taught them the tangle using a regular grid pattern in one part, and the random version in the other. Next time, I'll ask participants to divide the tile in two parts with a wavy diagonal or something -- it might look a little better.

Just one more picture: I bought this plexiglas photo stand at Michael's a while ago and have discovered that Bijous fit into it reasonably well.