Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday's post for March 23

This drawing is a great example of crowd-sourced teaching and learning. Even though I created it spontaneously, various techniques I have learned from four teachers contributed to this tile.

First, the basic format (3.5 x 3.5), the tools (i.e., paper, pen, and pencil), and the idea of a string to organize the composition all derive from the teaching of Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.

The woven pattern at the center is called B'Twined. Use this link for clear instructions by Bunte Galerie:

The leaves around the border are inspired by another teaching video I watched by David Nichols:

I just bought a copy of R & M's new book, Zentangle Primer, Volume 1 and am finding it to be a wonderful refresher for a lot of stuff I already know but forget to use. I rarely include Jetties in any of my drawings (the striped orbs), but the pattern is visually interesting and brings forth a playfulness that can be both fun and challenging to integrate into any composition. Lovely Shattuck and Bales I have used a lot (which appear below and above the orbs, respectively), but not quite in the ways they are used in this tile. I also like the way the Hollibaugh connects to Shattuck through the vertical line dividers. The string I used here is featured in the Primer. It's good to remember what an important difference the string makes to the composition of a tile.