Saturday, February 20, 2016

Zentangle workshop for Spring Lake Park

This morning's workshop was a fun and relaxing opportunity for conversation and drawing. We were a group of three, and here is what we made:

Crescent Moon -- Ixorus -- Hollibaugh -- Cubine -- Tipple

As usual, the personal interpretations of the tangles and variations in design are fascinating. Both of the participants had questions about how to handle the randomness of Hollibaugh -- a fair question that I have grappled with myself. Just keep drawing strips that go in different directions. Simple, right? Well, for some people, it seems to come naturally, but other people get tripped up with the randomness. The strips keep aligning with each other. For some of us, the conditioning that wants to make the strips run parallel or perpendicular to each other is strong and difficult to override. Hollibaugh is one of the "easy" and "basic" tangles that feels important to teach early because it is both of those things, and neither. The design is very elementary, but it still takes a certain knack, natural or cultivated, to understand its rhythms and energy. Many thanks to Deb and Lynette for sharing some time with me this morning exploring the mysteries of Zentangle. :)