Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sweetish: a mosaic

Posted is Kandinsky's Sweetish, tangled and colored in. Actually, even though the design comes directly from the original composition, my adaptation bears little resemblance to Kandisky's work in terms of mood, color, and decoration. As I suspected, it was a really nice exercise in overall design, balance, and movement (energy) within a composition. Way back when, I majored in art for a couple of semesters, and then switched art to a minor in order to put my life on a more practical path. I remember an assignment for one of my art courses that involved arranging cut out shapes on a background sheet of paper in order to exercise our perception of balance, harmony, energy, movement, and other good things in artistic composition. I loved that assignment. I loved working with the shapes, making them fit together this way and that. I still love it. I'd like to do more of these.

With the Zentangle teaching I've been doing lately, and the class mosaics that result from workshops, it occurred to me that making this kind of composition is a mosaic of one (person). A funny idea which reminds me of Soul Collage (another hobby) that envisions the personality as a blend of many different sub-personalities.