Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fun with cut outs

 Am I the only one who has tiles lying around with lovely parts? Yes, we all know that there are no mistakes in Zentangle, and when I do my drawing, I go with that flow. Still, some tiles work out better than others. Some tiles are almost lovely, but don't quite come together as a whole.

Yesterday, I drew a tile that started out wonderfully, but then went in a direction that was too unsatisfactory to continue. This is a rare experience for me, but it happens. Then I thought, well, what if I just cut out the good part and recycle the rest? The good part was the crescent-shaped Flukes affair in these images. Then a bijou that I had drawn with a class to demonstrate Purk caught my eye. The tangle came out well enough, but it seemed lonely and unsettled resting on some haphazard cross hatching. I grabbed the scissors, liberated it from its dreary background, and introduced it to Flukes. They hit it off instantly! More of this fun stuff to come, I reckon.