Monday, January 18, 2016

Introductory Workshop at Synchrony Thai Yoga Bodywork Studio

For the first tile, we used Crescent Moon, Ixorus, Ing, Tipple, Poke Leaf, Hollibaugh, and Florz

Yesterday's workshop was a joy to facilitate. Ten of us drew together to create one 3.5 x 3.5 tile (for each participant) and two bijou tiles. The process was energizing and often silent as we focused on learning to draw the tangles I proposed. 

As we worked, I shared some tips and suggestions:

  • Strings are guides, not rules.
  • It often works well to put tangles inside of tangles, e.g., Crescent Moon inside of Ing, Tipple inside of Hollibaugh.
  • It's interesting to notice how certain tangles have a family resemblance, e.g., Crescent Moon and Ixorus. Tangles like these are likely to go well together.
  • Coloring in the background of certain tangles creates drama, e.g., coloring in the spaces in Hollibaugh makes the bands of the tangle stand out.
  • It's helpful to keep visual balance in mind while drawing. If the tile seems dense, add a more spacious tangle, like Florz.
  • It's fun to create connections between tangles when opportunities arise, to impart flow and energy to the composition as a whole. 

Using bijou tiles, I taught the group how to draw Purk and Cubine, and I talked a little bit about how these patterns can be used as part of a larger composition. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the session as much as I did. Until next time. :)