Sunday, January 24, 2016

Introductory Workshop at Blaine Town Square

What a great time we had yesterday! I worked with four awesome women to create the tiles you see in our mosaic.

Once again, I introduced Ixorus in the handful of tangles for the first tile. Ixorus is so obviously related to Crescent Moon, and it seems useful to present it early, to show the family resemblance between the two tangles and to say a few words about how elements of tangles can be rearranged to create exciting new images.

Yesterday was also my first workshop using a new projector. I finally splurged and purchased a high quality LCD projector, and using it yesterday was really a joy. The projected images were crisp, clear, bright, and large. It makes a difference to the quality of the teaching when participants can easily see what I am doing.

Carol C., Carol E., Kay, and Trudy, thanks for a wonderful workshop. Extra special thanks to Trudy for organizing. :)