Saturday, December 5, 2015

Homage to Kandinsky

This tile feels like a small breakthrough. For months now, I have had the intention to create a tile using inspiration, somehow, from one of my favorite artists, Vasily Kandinsky. On Friday, after a somewhat stressful day of our car breaking down (without incident, but still...a big repair bill is on the way for sure) and lost time on my school work because of said vehicle failure, it finally happened -- the tile emerged.

That evening, I decided to shake off some of the day's disappointment by drawing. I opened a book of Kandinsky's watercolors and chose one of his works to accompany me in the creation of the tile. I drew a simple string (poorly photographed, to the right) and just started drawing, looking for similarities between what I saw in his watercolor and some of the Zentangle patterns I know. The tile I've posted here is what resulted. It seems very different from other tiles I've created. I like it very much.

Here's an interesting part of the story: this morning at breakfast, I felt inspired to read the front matter in the Kandinsky book and discovered, bizarrely enough, that his birthday was yesterday, December 4, the day I drew the above tile. What are the chances?

Happy Birthday, Mr. Kandinsky. Thanks for all the beautiful art you left us, all the color, form, and amazing inspiration.