Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A card for Rachel

For some months, one of my nieces, Rachel, and I have been exchanging cards and letters. I wanted to send her something special this time around, so I decided to tangle a simple store-bought card that was already decorated with an embossed gold heart. I tend to avoid strings that represent something real, like a letter of the alphabet, but personal rules are meant to be broken, right? For that matter, hearts are also typically anathema (too corny) but maybe image doesn't matter so much to me these days.

Worth sharing: (1) The stringy-looking pattern (on the upper right of each image) represents a small victory for me. I got the idea to draw "random" straight lines this way from Kandinsky. They are sort of random, but it's a controlled randomness, if you will, which feels much better to me. I draw these random-looking straight, intersecting lines by applying each new, straight line after a quarter turn of the tile, crossing the new line with the last, at the top, beginning just to the right of the previous line. (2) The tangle in the center of the larger image is Maria Thomas' beautiful tangle Verdigogh. I have never liked this tangle much, but I have decided recently to lean into tangles that I do not like, so there it is. I added some tipple between the fronds. Looks pretty cool. (3) Umble is an extremely lovely tangle that everyone should try. (It's the black ribbony-looking tangle in the upper left of the larger image.)

More soon...