Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Done is better than good." ~ Elizabeth Gilbert's mother

I had a few grand but extremely vague ideas for posting a nice coherent image and quote today, but nothing would materialize. To fill the void, I put these four tiles on the page and looked at them for a long while before having to admit that there was no common thread to be found, except for one: they are all done. Hence today's quote as a reminder that sometimes, it's enough to simply post my work, even if it fails to conform to what I had in mind -- or thought I had in mind.

In my day job, I conduct oral proficiency interviews with international scholars. Who can say why, but BB makes frequent appearances on my notepad as I converse with these interesting folks. I find it to be a great focusing tool

I did this tile while still under the influence of Mark Rothko and his lovely non-representational oblongs, rectangles, and squares. I think it could be an interesting challenge to continue exploring the different tangles drawn in rectangular shapes, just to see the range of expressiveness possible. I also wanted to try Amaze, one of those tangles I've seen but not felt inclined to test drive. Full disclosure: I did not find Amaze all that relaxing to create, but I do like the way it looks done.

Nekton always reminds me of a visual representation of ADD. I want to move in this, I mean this, that isn't it either...let's try turning this way...Doh! One more turn ought to do the trick...No good again -- damn! (Cue BB, which always knows where it's going.)

On the back of this tile, I wrote, "What is this?" You might well arsk... It looks like a front porch stoop that has gone to the Great Beyond. I like the black-and-white rods growing out of the soft-serve cone tops flanked by marbles. Maybe those rods are really straws that little gnomes off to the left and right are using to sip up the tasty freeze...?