Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wednesday's Poem, a few hours early

I used to have fiery intensity, 
and a flowing sweetness.
The waters were illusion.
The flames, made of snow.
Was I dreaming then?
Am I awake now?

~ RUMI Persia (Afghanistan)
This is another poem from Mala of the Heart edited by Nathwani and Vogt. (Last week's offering from Antonio Machado came from the same volume.) This poem reminds me of my youth (as in teens, 20s, even 30s). Inside, I used to have feelings of intensity and sweetness, among others, but as this poem suggests, these fires and waters were shadows passing over, beneath my feet (as when the sun moves in and out on one of those spooky weather days, sending shadows gliding over the ground) because I did not fully understand them or know what to do with them. Are the feelings of intensity and sweetness different now? They have the same quality as always, but they seem more grounded as I get older. They have more presence, or maybe it's that I'm more present.