Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday's Quote #2

Basho (1644-94) Translated by Robert Bly

This haiku appears on a page by itself, between the Table of Contents and Introduction, in Mary Oliver's A Poetry Handbook (1994). Sometimes, I read a phrase, a sentence, or in this case, an entire poem that makes a difference in my life all at once. I am grateful when it happens. The force of this poem resides in "flowers," don't you think? Each word gives up its sense, and the line unfolds smoothly until the final image rouses one from the trance of reading. 

wasn't this about a bell and its sound? 

I love how the bell and the flowers touch by way of the sound that the one no longer makes and the other never makes.

Thank you Basho. Thank you Robert Bly. Thank you Mary Oliver.