Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer, Beautiful Summer

I have neglected my blog for a month or so because of beautiful weather and traveling, but drawing has continued to be a good friend. I have a few images I'd like to share, but it may be best to post them over a few blog entries. Here are two tiles that have been on my desk for some weeks:

I really like this one. There's something about the very clearly defined areas of the string that appeals to me. Rick and Maria say that it's a good thing to let the string disappear as the composition of the tile unfolds, and I've done that many times with good results. But there is also something lovely about allowing the areas of the tile to show. Here, the six areas of the string are obvious. The borders between each part of the string are small canals. I made no attempt to make adjacent areas connect smoothly. Each tangle occupies its own territory. Still, they fit together harmoniously somehow. There is connectedness as a result of the differentiation, if that makes sense. 

The area in the upper left is a design I've loved for months. It's random 'Nzepple with the dividing lines drawn as tapered twigs, and the filled in areas, as smooth stones. I saw a TED talk just a few days ago called "Street art with a message of hope and peace." The presenter is eL SEED, a Tunisian French artist, shows his images of his "calligraphiti art" that are designs made from Arabic slogans of peace and wisdom. Some of his work reminds me of the upper left corner of this tile. The forms are similar somehow. Needless to say, I find his art quite beautiful. Here is the link to his talk: El seed:_Street_art_with_a_message_of_hope_and_peace.