Thursday, July 2, 2015

Braze and Knightsbridge

I really love the look of Braze. I love the way the slightest hint of shading can make the tangle become this formidable structure with significant weight and presence. Before that hint of shading, Braze is just stripes going down to the left and right. As I look at the tile now, I see that I might have had more fun with Knightsbridge by having it curve toward the same horizon as Braze. I think I'll try another tile with Braze and Knightsbridge with that tweak.

The designs at the top of the tile are compliments of Sandy Steen Bartholomew's ideas in The Tangles of Kells. These designs are not three-dimensional like Braze. They have a different kind of complexity that plays out entirely in one dimension.  

Following are some sketches of Sandy's tangles:

Drawn from left to right on the lined part of the page at the bottom, Scaff looks like a a strange alphabet from some little-known culture. Years ago, long before I started drawing Zentangle designs, I had this longing to create a piece of art, or maybe several pieces of art, using designs something like this, "written" from left to right. (See "Thanksgiving Experimentation" on this blog, for a look at these sketches.) I'd like to do more with Scaff and any tangleations that arise from working with it.