Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yosha Yosha

Help! I'm surrounded by Yoshas. :) Actually, it would be fun to have one Yosha on either side of me. Yosha is my eight-year-old sort of granddaughter. Let's break it down: Yosha is the stepdaughter of my stepson, which makes me...the step step grandmother of Yosha Yosha.

I found this pocket thingy that displays Yosha's name (to the left) and right at Michael's and bought it with a vague idea of doing something with it related to Zentangle. Once home, I counted the pockets and it seemed clear that I would make an objet d'art for Yosha featuring one tangled letter of her name in each pocket. Makes sense, right? The picture on the left shows the pockets out of the frame; on the right, each letter is pinned to the mat and the frame is in place. I sent it to her today suggesting that she color in the letters. I also sent her a puzzle:

It's an extremely spontaneous (i.e., totally unplanned) zentangle design but fun in its own goofy way. I told Yosha to finish coloring this as well if she had any desire. 

And speaking of color...

Copic markers are the new experiment for me. These are are a bit pricey (about $6/each at Dick Blick's), but they are easy to apply and blend, come in a wide array of colors, and work just splendidly with zentangley-type drawing. They are hugely popular with Manga artists.