Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Let It Rain!

Here is my response to the Diva's challenge for this week. The way the tile came about is interesting. Here's the story: 

I had just watched Rick and Maria's tutorial on teaching Zentangle to children (a DVD that goes with the Apprentice materials). In that presentation, they show how to draw Rain and explain how the structure of the tangle was inspired by Iranian decorative design they saw at the Louvre in Paris. I gave it a try because it looked fun and interesting. After I got the basic design down, I decided to add small mosaic-type pieces because I'm attracted to this look lately. Finally, I put in the pearls because I love pearls and put them just about anywhere they will fit. 

When I had gotten that far, I remembered that it was Monday and time for a fresh Diva challenge. I navigated to her blog and discovered that the challenge for this week is color. I looked at the tile before me and realized that the mosaic elements would look pretty multicolored, so I found my atyou Spica sparkle color pen set and filled in small parts with bits of the rainbow.