Saturday, May 9, 2015

Zentangle Workshop

What a great workshop we had today. Many thanks to Sandy, Pam, Shelby, Tracy, Jeff , and Priscilla for participating with such energy, good humor, and engagement in the Zentangle workshop this morning at my house in Blaine.

Have a look at our mosaic:

Awesome, right? We did an introductory tile with Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Florz, Tipple, Bales, Maelstrom, and Betweed. After a break, we returned to do two (smaller) Bijou tiles, one with Shattuck, and the other with lovely Tripoli.

This evening, I was inspired to draw a bit more. I wanted to practice a tangle that I don't draw much, Jonqal. My first try was on the right (checkerboard), but I wasn't quite satisfied with it. I drew a Static-type tangle just beside it to relax and then gave Jonqal another try on the left. The dimensionality is much better, I find. Along the top border, I added some Puf-ed Cresent Moon.