Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Full Tray -- Ta Dah!

Here at last are all eight tiles mounted behind the glass in the tray. This has been great fun to do, really, but having the tiles arranged in a mat would probably look better. For now, it's fine! I just wanted to get them behind the glass to protect them. I've done a lot of the drawing in the kitchen while eating, drinking, and talking, and we all know how that goes...

In case anyone is interested in the tangles used, here goes, from upper left and across to lower right:

(1) Crescent Moon, Flukes, Fife, Hurry, own thing (the black shapes) -- (2) Paradox, Florz (adapted), Sand Swirl, Chartz (with glare) -- (3) Meer, Florz, Static, and Flukes -- (4) Maelstrom, Facade, Hurry, my own thing (with black shapes), and something from Bischoff (on -- (5) my own thing (black shapes), Paradox, Xircus, and 'Nzepple -- (6) Xircus, Quandary, and 'Nzepple (adapted) -- (7) Tripoli, 'Nzepple, Shattuck (adapted with an inclusion), and Five-Oh (the paper clips)-- (8) Hollibaugh, 'Nzepple (adapted), 'Nzepple, Crescent Moon and a triangle with auras.