Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fun with Tripoli, Paradox, Hi Cs, and W2

This tile (actually a small greeting card) uses two tangles -- Tripoli as the string, and Paradox as the fill. The two tangles get along well -- they might even be in love. :) 

Discovering good partnerships between tangles seems to be a trial-and-error kind of thing, though it probably gets easier as overall familiarity with tangles grows. I did not have this design in mind when I started drawing this card. I knew I wanted to do something with Tripoli, so I filled the space with that tangle first. After that, I spent a couple of minutes thinking about what might work well as fill, and it just came to me that Paradox fits nicely into triangular shapes (among many others). 

That's how it works -- in this case, anyway. As tangles go, these two require a wee bit of practice to master, but really not a whole lot. 

This card (also 3 x 3 as the one above) features Hi Cs as the string, and several other tangles as fill: Pearls, Crescent Moon, Meer (adapted), Tipple, Shattuck, and Sand Swirl.

Here's another picture of the card turned another way on a lighter background.

The string for this card is also Hi Cs drawn four times in a 2 x 2 grid with a change of direction in each of four squares. The upper left square features Hi Cs oriented as in the small image just above. The upper right shows it oriented as in the larger image just above. Notice how much lovelier Shattuck looks shaded in the design above compared to the unshaded version of the same tangle to the left. Shading makes a big difference.

Finally, a last maybe not-so-lovely tile using W2 as a monotangle. 
I haven't drawn this tangle much and look forward to exploring its possibilities.