Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Great Day at Half Price Books

I unloaded three bags of books today at Half Price Books, which gave me a credit of $35 and change -- not too shabby for an hour of bagging books I haven't read in years, and about 20 minutes of sorting by expert book pickers behind the counter at Half Price. They require people trading in books to remain in the store (oh so clever), which I love to do anyway because they have the most awesome assortment of art and design books anywhere. Today I found three wonderful books about design: Pattern Sourcebook: Around the World by Shigeki Nakamura, African Design by Louisa Gloria, Joel Waldrep, and Alan Weller, and Art Fundamentals, Theory and Practice by Ocvirk, Stinson, Wigg, Bone, and Cayton. I look forward to spending some time with all three of these books to learn more about patterns from an intercultural perspective. Already I note that a few of the most common Zentangle patterns -- Meer, Keeko, and Shattuck most obviously (just from flipping through the pages) seem inspired by African motifs.