Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Workshop on March 15th at Still Point Art Studio

What a great group we had on Sunday at SPAS. Lorene, Sally, Julie, and Iulia, thanks for putting aside some time to create beautiful drawings with me. Here's what we did. We covered several tangles: Crescent moon, Xircus, Quandary, Cubine, 'Nzepple, Bunzo, Tipple, Tripoli, Peanuckle, and Florz. We worked on the last three using Bijou cards. I really should take pictures of the smaller cards we do at workshops as well to give a better idea of what monotangles look like on the first or second try. They're usually beautiful!

This Sunday, I wanted to teach some new tangles for an introductory workshop, so I practiced a couple that seemed interesting beforehand to make sure they would be teachable for me. I'm glad I decided to go with Xircus, a simple yet interesting tangle. In the class mosaic to the left, Xircus is the tangle that looks like hay or tall grass or maybe a woven coaster, depending on how much movement it shows.

Here is the sample of Xircus I drew before the workshop just to get a feel for the pattern. It works well as a monotangle, repeated in different parts of a composition with no other tangles. Kind of looks like wood grain. It's so interesting how the look of this pattern changes when it is used with other tangles, or alone.

After the workshop, I was inspired to play with Quandary a bit more. This tangle appears in the mosaic in its usual state, as an elegant flower-like triangular design. I suggest drawing it by working on each petal (when drawn large), or each grain of rice (which is what we see in the mosaic pieces) using two separate strokes each time. This approach helps to keep the individual petals relatively equal in size, which is a little tougher to manage than you might imagine -- at least for me.

In this drawing, I'm using Quandary as the string, which is great fun to do with many kinds of tangles.