Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rachel's Drawing, 4

I have had this piece drawn to this point for a few days now but have only found the time and energy to take a picture and post it tonight.

Okay...it's a bit strange, BUT...it isn't shaded yet. Sometimes, this last step makes a big difference. Areas done in Shattuck will look a lot more interesting, and the center should improve as well. I'll keep posting as it progresses.

The drawing has been a blast, as usual. The round thingies with little blades sticking out come directly from this completely awesome table of traditional decorative patterns I found on Pinterest. All are labeled in French (naturellement). Regardez:

Are these amazing or what? (Click on the image and open in a new window for a closer look.) I could (and may very well) spend the next several months working with a few of these patterns. Do you see the round thingies with blades? -- third pattern from the bottom in the left column -- Ecailles (ay keye -- rhymes with they lie). It means scales, as in fish scales, or shell, as in tortoise shell. Those sharp objects intrigue me, particularly the way they emerge from the center of the half moons.

Time for sleep now. The time change is still arguing with my internal clock.