Sunday, March 1, 2015


This bookmark was great fun to draw last night.

I got the concept from something posted on Pinterest by Cindy Angiel. >

I found her name and web address from the handwriting in the lower right of the pin. I recommend visiting her website, Rainbow Elephant, where she explain "soft stacks" and a few other interesting ideas for patterns.

My drawing gives a good idea of how found images on the Internet can be great inspiration, even if you don't copy something precisely. Of course, for starters, that's fine, too, but make sure to know the name of the artist who has inspired you so you can share that with others.

Here, I borrowed Cindy's principle of connecting stacked shapes with filled in areas to make them stick together visually, and then just improvised on that a bit. A bookmark (long and thin) seemed like a natural first choice, but I'll probably give this pattern a try in other compostions.