Saturday, January 17, 2015

Getting untangled after Gone Girl

Post Gone Girl tile with Braze, Flukes, Facade, Flux,
Keeko, and Hurry

Last night, Greg and I rented Gone Girl. After two and a half hours of hanging out in suspended disbelief with two co-dependent sociopaths, we needed an up-and-out of some kind. I went to Netflix and clicked on the goofiest thing I could find quickly, which turned out to be Wayne's World 2. The scene at the Aerosmith concert is pretty funny, but we couldn't make it much past one third of the film. I went to the drawing table to unwind completely and drew this tile, which served to lift me entirely out of the Gone Girl doldrums. It is a fascinating movie, and a very entertaining thriller, but if you tend to be a reflective sort who needs time to process new experiences, this film may take at least a few hours after viewing plus a good night's sleep. The ending is what I would call quietly tragic, something like Body Heat, though the plot is completely different. Do see it if you enjoy a good story, but have something ready to unwind with afterward.

This tile was a great focusing tool to regain balance. I used this exercise to practice a few patterns I don't use much and don't feel particularly skilled at drawing. Flukes is one of the coolest 3-D tangles I've tried (on the left, in the middle, and on the right -- it looks like small squares of paper with little black diamonds). Enlarge the image for the best effect -- just a little bit of shading really makes this pattern pop. Braze is also very interesting (the striped pattern to the left) that offers interesting design possibilities I want to continue to play with.