Monday, December 29, 2014

Tripoli Three Ways

Vega and Tripoli

I've been using Tripoli in drawings these past weeks and growing to appreciate its versitility and beauty. In its most basic form, it resembles six pizza slices in a sweet little pie. As you add to it, more pies emerge and overlap. 

Tripoli is lovely and a great tangle to practice gentle focusing. It takes a little practice to work it so that the triangles align, if the default pattern is your aim. Of course, as with other patterns in Zentangle, non-standard results are not mistakes, only variations. Observe how some of the bronze triangles seem to form nice circles of six, as Tripoli is "supposed" to do, while other areas feature triangles that are smaller or surrounded by more white space than others. 

The brain-like shape featured in the two previous posts (detail to the right) is made of another, more standard variation of Tripoli. The spacing between the triangles is regular throughout, and each triangle has a padded interior with a pearl against a dark background at its center. This rendition of Tripoli always looks like clusters of small uteri to me. Schematic drawings used to explain menstruation to girls used to depict the uterus very much like a Tripoli cell minus the pearl. In this cropped detail, I have just noticed the Tipple I added to the borders, to the area of Flux, and to the Crescent Moon area in the upper left. As I drew this, I was not aware of these circles mirroring the pearls in the Tripoli, but they do, and I find the effect pretty cool.

One other variation of Tripoli can be seem on this box top I decorated yesterday. When drawn this way, Tripoli appears as a net that seems held together by clusters of small black orbs.

       Here is the rest of the box: