Monday, December 29, 2014

The Latest Version of the Second Easel Drawing

The experimental easel drawing continues in the kitchen, though this will be the last "draft" for a while. Tangling in color is great fun, and this piece is visually calmer than the previous one Greg and I did together at the easel, maybe because it is all my style this time around. (See "Drawing Together" on this blog.)

I don't know what to make of this, really. It isn't finished and may not ever be. And it certainly appears to have very little to do with Kandinsky's Cossacks. It's been more of an exploration for me. One thing I notice is that the scale of the tangles does not consistently match the size of the format. 'Nzepple (at the top), Hollibaugh (the open strings in the middle), and the lone Cruffle (the blue egg) are drawn large, while Quandary (upper left), Crescent Moon (the area behind the blue egg), and Tripoli (the brain) are smaller, and possibly too small for the format. Verdigogh looks interesting with its slender tendrils reaching up into the Hollibaugh area, but I am less sure about how well it gets along with Knightsbridge (the checkerboard).

As for the detached shapes (e.g., the boomerang in the Hollibaugh and the column in the web at lower right), I like these very much, and will probably continue to experiment with strings that incorporate such inclusions.